Information Development Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) and INDICA Holding B.V. (Hilversum, the Netherlands, herein after referred to as INDICA) have announced business collaboration to help EU based Japanese companies to get ready for GDPR compliance.

The companies offer INDICA’s state- of- art data-mapping solution for GDPR that enables organisations to manage and monitor all the company data, both structured and unstructured data, using INDICA’s patented algorithm.

 “With our office here in Amsterdam, collaborating with a trusted local company, we wish to extend our support for Japanese companies in the fast moving global marketplace, by introducing the cutting edge digital technology solution.”, Mr Funakoshi, President Information Development Co., Ltd states.

In December 2017, Information Development invited INDICA to Tokyo headquarters and has been working closely since in order to be in time for the GDPR deadline.

The INDICA GDPR solution is already used by leading financial institutions, consulting companies and some of the European HQ’s of major Japanese companies.

“During our visit we were impressed by the high standards of Information Development Co., Ltd. We are proud of the GDPR software we have built. It offers a very practical approach for companies to comply to the new GDPR. To be able to reach overseas companies we need strong partners who also need to comply to this regulation. With this collaboration we know we have found a solid partner for the Japanese companies in EU.” Pieter Klinkert, CEO of  Indica Holding B.V.

INDICA was introduced to Information Development by Global Bridges (, the Dutch consultancy firm connecting Japanese companies to overseas partners.

This collaboration will enable EU based Japanese companies to be well prepared for upcoming GDPR compliance before the deadline of 25 May 2018.

In April, INDICA’s GDPR solution will be presented at ID-Salon Amsterdam, ID’s Digital Technology networking event.

Information Development Co., Ltd

Information Development is a one-stop IT service company, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section, providing comprehensive IT solutions to financial institutions and leading Japanese companies since 1969.  

Through four subsidiaries in China, Singapore, Myanmar, the United States and a representative office in Amsterdam, Information Development aims to help Japanese companies operate in the global marketplace.

INDICA was founded in 2014 and offers powerful software for the purpose of eDiscovery, GDPR purposes, data cleaning and Enterprise Search. INDICA believes data control for Compliancy is becoming a commodity and should be offered as such. INDICA already works with large Multinationals, International consultancy firms and law firms. INDICA is located in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

INDICA Holding B.V.

Groest 106, 1211EE Hilversum, the Netherlands

Information Development Co., Ltd

Banchokaikan, 12-1, Goban-cho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 102-0076, Japan